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Panahar, located in the heart of Lavender Hill, London, is renowned for providing an unparalleled home dining experience characterized by an extensive and top-tier selection of authentic cuisine spanning from the majestic Himalayas to the alluring Indian Ocean and from the enchanting Arabian Sea to the serene Bay of Bengal. Our establishment prides itself on setting the standard for excellence in the realm of culinary artistry. dicover more


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Panahar Tandoori

Opening Time

Tuesday to Sunday: 5.30pm to 11.30pm

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Panahar Tandoori Restaurant

Something about our Chefs!


Certainly, at Panahar Tandoori Restaurant, our professional and experienced chef is the heart and soul of our culinary excellence. With a rich history of culinary mastery and a passion for creating exceptional dishes, our chef brings a wealth of expertise to our kitchen.

Our chef is not just a cook; they are an artist who skillfully combines the finest ingredients, traditional techniques, and innovative ideas to craft dishes that are both visually stunning and an explosion of flavors. Their dedication to the craft of tandoori cooking and South Asian cuisine is evident in every dish that leaves our kitchen.

Our customers can trust that every dish prepared by our experienced chef at Panahar Tandoori Restaurant is a masterpiece, reflecting years of expertise and a genuine love for the art of cooking. It’s their commitment to perfection that makes dining at Panahar an unforgettable experience, where every bite is a testament to their culinary brilliance.